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5 Tips for Creating a Mindful Home

As a real estate agent, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see my fair share of homes that give off a mindful, relaxing vibe (and those that don’t)! For many, the home can become a chaotic place where chores need to be completed, meals need to be made and dishes need to be cleaned (constantly). I put together these 5 quick and easy tips for creating a mindful home so you can start seeing your home as a space of peace versus a place of chaos.

1. Make your bed.

We’ve been told since we were kids to make our beds, but it seems as though our parents were onto something. It has been scientifically proven that making your bed will lead to a more productive day and create a sense of accomplishment when you arrive back home from a long day at work. This simple task will go a long way — it’s never too late…make your bed!

2. Tidy up.

Instead of dedicating one day a month to do a deep clean of your home, establish a “non-clutter” rule in your home every day of the year. Tidy up so things don’t pile up! Put your shoes away in the right place and don’t neglect the dishes. Creating tiny habits like this every day will help you see your home as a place to relax versus a place to clean, constantly! Also, keep in mind that psychologically, a full hamper has been proven to create anxiety. Maintain a consistent laundry schedule so you’re not burden by a heap of to-do’s.

3. Play soothing music.

The soothing music you hear at the spa does not have to be just reserved for the spa! Create a playlist of soothing music and play it when you are cooking, doing the laundry and making the bed. Starting the day and ending the day with something calm to listen to (rather than the bustling thoughts in your head) will make your time at home that much more mindful.

4. Light candles.

There is something about turning off the artificial light we are surrounded by during the day and lighting a few candles. Try doing this right before bed or even during dinner (as long as you can see where your food is)! The flickering light from the candle will help calm you.

5. Create a space to relax.

You should have at least one room or space in your house where you can simply relax. Allow this space to be internet/phone free so you can take the time to focus on your breath and the moment at hand. Fill this space with cozy blankets and pillows and if you have kids…consider making this space “kid free!”

There you have it! Five quick tips to make your home mindful and relaxing the minute you walk in the door. Interested in more hacks like these for your home? Feel free to contact me today!


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