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5 Ways to Enhance Your House on a Budget

Owning a house is a never-ending adventure in investing your heart and soul into a wholly unique structure. Some homeowners have big budgets for massive changes to enhance their home, others are working with a shoestring. If you’re in the second group, you can still put your mark on your house. There are plenty of ways to personalize it without spending a lot of money.

Even Simple Changes Create Huge Home Impacts

After the stress of moving is over and the dust has settled, you may start to ponder other ways to enhance your new home. When you moved in, it was pretty generic, with cream-colored walls and an outside paint job that absolutely no one could find offensive. Many houses end up in this generic state when the owner is wanting a fast sale, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way!

Take a look at these small projects that can really make your home pop:

Replace the front door. According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost Versus Value Report, replacing your front door is one of the most value-packed changes you can make to enhance your home. A new door not only creates a new focal point, it allows you to really get personal. These days you can special order doors in nearly any size, as well as bigger units that have full size windows on either side.

Don’t forget the garage door. Remodeling Magazine ranked front door replacement third in cost recuperation; the best value return on the list was also a door. Consider your garage door while you’re upgrading. Like front doors, garage doors are becoming increasingly detailed, with lots of options for personalization. Because they can take up so much real estate on the front of your house, a new garage door can make your home look completely different.

"The average payback nationwide for the 22 projects in the 2019 Cost vs. Value report ranges from as high as 123.8 percent for a garage door replacement in the Pacific region.."- Remodeling Magazine

Biophilia. Emphasizing the connection and relationship between humankind and nature. Natural, organic materials – such as wood floors, stone, daylight, crafted materials, and plant life - are a reminder of the exterior that brings the outside and nature in.

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Relight the night. Details matter and that includes your lighting. Get rid of those generic carriage lights and clunky motion detecting flood lights and install some impressive LED string lights in your backyard or the slim, modern and understate Schoolhouse Alleghany indoor/outdoor sconce on the outside of your home. Lighting that fits in the space appropriately, provides lots of light and matches your home’s outer theme is an important element in a total shoestring makeover. Go to Schoolhouse Electric to find more lighting favorites.

Raise some flower beds. Growing plants on your lawn can become a messy proposition as the summer’s heat starts to bear down. Built-up beds are easier to maintain than patches in the grass and they lend a bit of formality to the space. Choose a location that makes sense, like along a walkway or up against the porch so visitors are greeted with your cheery plants.

It doesn’t take a huge budget to make changes to the outward appearance of your home. Planning colors and accessories strategically makes all the difference, especially when you’re on a limited budget.

Not Sure You’re Ready for Painting or Installing Fixtures?

Not everyone is handy or inclined to find out if they can paint by doing it, and that’s ok, too. These inexpensive projects can be tackled by a home pro easily. Just reach out to me via phone, text or email to get a referral for an excellent local painter, electrician, landscaper or general handyman. Your house will be refreshed and renewed in no time!

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