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Trip The Light Fantastic

Or stomp the light fantastic.

Tap, clap, clop, clomp, romp, frolic, pirouette, pivot, plunge and plummet.

However the music moves you, let it. Move with it. Get carried away by it. Dive in the river of rhythm and get lost in the current of the beat. Swing those limbs, throw yourself into the music of the moment. Let the tempo vibrate up your spine, feel the bass thrum and throb within, give the highs their heights, feel the weight of the melody in the center of your being.

And most importantly, give yourself permission to let go. Release your inhibitions and free the most energetic and soulful parts of you. Ride the joy. Taste the glory. Explode. You’re the master of the dance. You’re perfectly in the groove. Every movement you make in perfect synchronicity to the spirit of the song.

Your form is the physical embodiment of pure sound. You are music made flesh.

And also, you are completely alone at home. Rocking out to that sudden and unexpected favorite tune that moves you to drop whatever you were folding, let burn whatever was on the stove, put down that foamy toothbrush and let the water just run.

Wouldn’t it be fun to show that reckless abandon, that inexplicable need to move out in public? To dance like no one’s watching you, even though everyone absolutely would be. And probably taking a video to share later.

Who cares? Do it anyway. Find the most excellent dance attire at The Leotard and bust a solid move.


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Hi! My name is Charity and I am a Jill of many trades, wearing (or have worn) many hats... mom, realtor, designer, yoga teacher, student, landscaper, project manager, event planner, volunteer... and enjoy many activities and sports... dance, rowing crew, yoga, cycling, running, and so many more. 

In this blog I am excited to share with you some of the zest of life I find the most interesting, helpful and fun for your personal and life style.


Thank you for stopping by!!! 

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